Technical Requirements

To view the live webcast, users need a modern web browser like Chrome, Firefox, or IE/Edge capable of HTML5 video, or Flash Media Player installed on their computer. Speakers and an Internet connection (preferably high-speed) are also required to fully experience the webcast. The Flash player is free and is available for all desktop operating systems including Windows, MAC Operating System and Linux.

If you are unsure which version of Flash Player is installed on your computer, perform a version test.

If the version is WIN 8 or any number below, download an up to date Flash player.

Note to Systems Administrators

Corporate firewall settings can sometimes block live webcasts.

The video player uses the HLS protocol (HTTP, port 80) by default. Most firewalls will not block this unless streaming video has been deliberately disallowed. In some cases, and if HLS is blocked, the player will attempt to use RTMP. Test your network for RTMP access with this Port Tester which will identify open ports. If any of the test results show "Success", then staff will be able to watch the live webcast.

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